Tube Distortion
This precious Pedal is pure Tube Sound with a sweet harmonic Distortion. The Tube is reacting directly to your technique and the Volume Control of the Guitar. That makes your Guitar Play very lively and gives you a great feeling of directing distorted tones.
This Pedal creates a very "three-dimensional" character of Guitar Sound. A very thick tone with a sweet punch, combining transparent frequencies............pure Rock.
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Ka Nalu
Overdrive and Distortion

A two-stage Pedal with a wide range of different Overdrive and Distortion Sounds. Triple switch to choose between a dry Overdrive, singin Distortion and raw Tube Amp Distortion. The second stage adds a Gain and a sepperate Volume-Boost to push your Leadsound for cutting through.

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Fuzz and Octaver
A Fuzz/Octave Pedal with a unique sound. From 60s,70s smooth overdriven Fuzzsound to endless sustain Leadsounds. This Pedal brings your Guitar to sing lika a violin. Via Footswitch add a Octave up to the Fuzzsound and Jimi becomes alive.
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Luminescence Wah
Q-Control, 6-Way-Frequency-Switch, True Bypass
A Gitarren/Bass Wah Pedal in a nice chrome-enclosure. Very balanced and never sharp and shrill like standard Wahs. With the Q-Control adjust the intensity stageless and and the 6-way switch setting resonance frequencies. True Bypass avoid every toneloss in deactivated status. Activating the Wah and an ultrabright LED brings the Luminescence Wah to glew and chrome is reflecting very nice.
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Ibanez Tubescreamer Deluxe Mod
by Tonality Effects
A very special Tubescreamer Pedal. The original Ibanez TS-9 was converted into a TS-808 of the first series. But this rough diamant, was abrade to a wonderful jewel. This Pedal distinguish oneself with a rich Sound and wide range of flexibility. Provided with a Boost-control, this small Pedal is a versatile . Add a toggle switch to choose the outstanding MOSFET-Distortion.
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True Bypass Looper, Mini Amp, Tuner Out
A small Starfish with . A Footswitch activates the Tuner Out. Instruments will be tuned muted and the Tuner is out of the signal chain. The other Footswitch activates a True Bypass Loop, who is equipped with a Mini-Amp.
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