Ibanez Tubescreamer MOSFET Mod Deluxe
by Tonality Effects
A very special Tubescreamer Pedal. The original Ibanez TS-9 was converted into a TS-808 of the first series. But this rough diamant, was abrade to a wonderful jewel. This Pedal distinguish oneself with a rich Sound and wide range of flexibility.

First of all this Pedal got a 3PDT-Switch for True Bypass. Now there is no toneloss, if the Tubescreamer is deactivated.

The Chip was replaced by an original Texas Instruments RC4558P . This Chip was used during the first TS-808 Series and this Pedal gets a very warm and creamy Sound.

The original On/Off-Switch is now activating the Boost-Mode. The new Boost-Controler is infinitely variable and this means more Gain, Volume and Sustain for a powerful Leadsound.

A small Toggle-Switch changes between MOSFET and Standard-Mode. MOSFET-Mode is a very open character of Distortion. Similar to a cranked Tubeamp with a huge dynamic range.

With decreasing the resonancefrequency, this Pedal sounds full and rich. There is no Bass-Cutt-Off.

There is a More-Less Mod for the Gain-Controler. No Distortion if the setting is down, and if the Gain is cranked there is much more Distortion than a stock Tubescreamer.

The Output is a bit higher than the original TS9

This Pedal needs a 9V Supplie with an Adaptor, or a Battery.